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April 21 & 22, 2023
John Reilly Field, Brandon, MB

The 16th Annual John Keogh Rugby Festival 2023


Please read the Code of Conduct for players and spectator safety.

Festival Schedule

Saturday, April 22


Field 1                                                                                                        Field 2


9am    Crocus vs Swan Valley (Girls) 40min



10am  Massey vs Souris (Girls) 40min                                Massey vs Selkirk (Boys) 40min



11am  Souris vs Crocus (Boys) 40min                                 Rivers vs Dauphin (Girls) 40min



12pm  Massey vs Swan Valley  (Girls) 40min                   Selkirk vs Dauphin (Boys) 40min



1pm  Souris vs Massey (Boys) 40min                                  Rivers vs Crocus  (Girls) 40min               



2pm  Massey vs Dauphin (Girls) 40min                               Dauphin vs Crocus  (Boys) 40 min        



3pm  Swan Valley vs Souris (Girls) 40min

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